• You can fill out the PTAC Profile (2 page) form. I can put your information into our data base & start sending you those daily emails with the solicitations you might want to look at. I’ve sent that form electronically for you to finish filling out for me.

  • We have quarterly surveys that our PTAC office sends out to all our clients. Because we are funded by the Defense Dept. & the State of Michigan, they audit us every year. One of the requirements is that we receive back a certain percentage of those surveys. I also like to review those surveys to see if there are any problems you are having that I don’t know about & then follow-up. I also like to celebrate when you do get those awards.

  • Kim Langenberg sends out the any seminars that you might be interested in as well as other opportunities. She also sends out events & trainings that you won’t want to miss. You will want to get her into your email address list so that you will get that info & not have it go into “Junk” or “Spam”.

    • After adding Kim’s email into your email address list and you are still not getting your daily emails, please check your SPAM or Junk mail first.

    • If that doesn’t work, you may need to have this email in your email address list.

    • If these are all in place and you still are not getting those daily emails from PTAC, they may end up being returned to us & you will miss them. So when all else fails please contact me so we can go even deeper to find out why.


  • You will need a DUNS number through Dun & Bradstreet. To get a free one go to click on “Start Now”.
    1. Don’t get a new number if you move, just update your number. Go to
  • NAICS – North American Industrial Classification System – What can your company do? Find the codes that best describe it.
  • FSG – Federal Supply Groups
    1. Products – FSC Federal Supply Codes – These are 2 digit numerical codes. Click on the code with the best description and see the 4-digit numerical codes for when you register for the Federal Government.
    2. Services – PSC Product Service Codes – These are sing letters codes. Click on the code with the best description and see the 4-digit alpha/numeric codes for when you register for the Federal Government.
  • NOW you’re ready to register for the Federal Government in SAM (System Award Management) System . Set aside about 45-60 minutes to fill this out.
    1. Why? This is so you can get paid, have others see what you do (for teaming and subcontracting), set you company up as a small or large company according to the SBA (Small Business Administration) and those NAICS codes that you choose.
    2. You will be given a CAGE (Commercial and Government Entity) code a few days after completion.
    3. BEWARE: When you register here, you will get other companies that want to “sell” you their services for SAM. PTAC is a no-cost, non-profit service that will help you through this and much more.
    4. Within SAM, there is another database that you want to be registered for, if you are a Small business, called “Dynamic Small Business Search”. Click on the link that says: SBA Update or Register. There is some information and is transferred from SAM, but there is also a lot of information that you will want to fill in.
  • Set-aside Programs – Setting aside opportunities for certain types of businesses:
    1. 23% of the procurement dollars goes to Small Businesses. Then under this umbrella:
      1. 5% to Women Owned Small Businesses (WOSB) – They need to be certified within the Small Business Administration (SBA). You can self-certify or have an approved by the SBA, third party certify you. See other requirements at
      2. 3% to 8(a) certified economically and disadvantaged companies. You certify through the SBA. See other requirements at:
      3. HUBZone (Historically Underutilized Business Zone) – It’s has to do with the location of your company. See here if you are in a HUBZone area . Then you need to have 35% of your employees, including the owner living in any HUBZone area. Check the map. If you have both, check the website to see how you get certified and requirements
      4. Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) – If you want to work with the Veterans Administration (VA) you will need to be verified with them. To see the requirements go here
  • Let us help you with your Capabilities Statement. It’s like a Company Resume, only it’s a one page, one sided document. Great for opening doors to an agency or prime contractor. Email us to get your copy of an article Kim Langenberg wrote about this and what it entails.
  • Do you want to know what the federal government has bought in the past? What agency buys what I see? How much? Who won? It’s all public information at Contact us if you want to know how to use this database.
  • Looking for current opportunities and more? One place to check out is Federal Business Opportunities (FBO) at There is a lot of ways to search in here for current opportunities, Sources Sought, Awards, modifications and more. Want to know how? Email us.
    1. This is not the only place, there are thousands more, but we search most of them, for free! Contact us to become a client today to get your opportunities emailed to you 5 days a work week.
  • General Services Administration (GSA) – They have schedules that you can apply for within your capabilities. See to see the different Schedules. Contact us for more information.
    1. Is it worth it? Find out by using their Sales Query

State of Michigan

  • MDOT –

    • Bid Letting This is where they post solicitations for construction, etc.

    • DBE (Disadvantaged Business Enterprise) This certification will go by your financials in order to get this certification.

      • Certification through MDOT. You will find more info at,1607,7-151-9625_21539_23108—,00.html Forms are also at this site.

        • You can also send application & other documents to get certified to Wayne County Human Relations, 500 Griswold, Detroit, MI 48226 313-224-5021

        • You can also send application & other documents to get certified to Detroit Department of Transportation, 1300 E. Warren Ave., Detroit, MI 48207

      • If none of the Codes represent what you do, do not choose any of the codes, they will use NAICS codes. They will contact you about this.

        • Become Pre-Qualified first. Send approval with application.

    • Prequalification with MDOT for Construction.,4616,7-151-9625_21539_21545—,00.html

      • You do not have to be prequalified for Construction to get DBE certified.

      • If you are going for DBE, you can get this certification before or after DBE approval. Best to do this before submitting DBE application. Send your approval with your DBE application.

      • You do not have to be DBE to get Pre-qualified.

    • Prequalification with MDOT for Services.,4616,7-151-9625_21540-34068–,00.html

      • You do not have to be prequalified for Services to get DBE certified.

      • If you are going for DBE, you can get this certification before or after DBE approval. Best to do this before submitting DBE application. Send your approval with your DBE application.

      • You do not have to be DBE to get Pre-qualified.

    • Small Business Program with MDOT. This is for small businesses to work with MDOT. I’ve attached a flier also to look at. The Point of Contact for this program is Nicolas Sundberg 517-241-4806 You will want to fill out the paperwork that is online to become part of this program.

    • Non-prequalification services/products. For those of you who do not sell construction services or consulting services, MDOT buys more than just things for road construction. Work not listed on the construction or service prequalification applications, and supplies not included in the Materials Source Guide do not require prequalification or supplier certification. The things that you sell will either be on the State of Michigan Website (Buy4Michigan) or you can contact a buyer within MDOT to market to them, so they can contact you when they need something. Buyer Specialist: Terry Harris 517-335-2507 may be able to get help you or get you to the right buyer.

  • MITN (Michigan Intergovernmental Trading Network) is on the State of Michigan website, but separate from the States solicitations/RFPs. Again, another username & password. . These opportunities are city, local, townships, police departments, fire stations, etc. for you to bid on. You need to register, but again, don’t pay the fee to have them search & email you, PTAC does this for free. The solicitation will tell you how to bid & how to bill them.

  • State of Michigan Recurring contracts list:,4541,7-225-48680—,00.html I like to click on the Excel view. You can see all the recurring contracts here & can see the actual current contract by clicking on “View Contract”. You can also see in that View box if it is a MiDeal Contract (other government entities can use the pricing off this contract).

  • Michigan Transparency & Accountability – You can find out if your competitors are getting any awards from the State of MI. Click on “Vendor Payments” (twice), choose a year in the drop down box, choose “Begins with” or “Contains”, then type in the company name. Click on the company name & you can see the agencies they have done business with.
  • Purchases of less than $25,000 by MDOT are processed directly by MDOT staff statewide. Vendors can contact MDOT staff at the Region Offices,1607,7-151-9623-36042–,00.html to advise them of the services, supplies and materials they sell. 
  • Purchases in excess of $25,000 by MDOT are processed by the Department of Management & Budget (see Buy4Michigan) for all state agencies. DTMB advertises all bids and proposals. DTMB Purchasing Operations has implemented the Bid4Michigan system for faster and easier posting and notification of bid information to the public.
  • To get paid by the State of Michigan/MDOT, vendors need to register online at A Federal Tax Identification number or Social Security number will be needed to register.

County, City, and Township Info in Michigan

PTAC Email Alerts

  • NASPO National Association of State Procurement Officers – At this website you will see a map that you can click on a State & it takes you right to their procurement website. Now you can see how to do business with that state, what requirements they have, the work they have posted to bid on, & more. They also have a cooperative purchasing group that any state can post what they need & then other states can post that they will buy off of this award when it’s made.
  • SAM Registration Email Alerts