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Jackson County Demographics

Jackson County Population Facts

Population Facts

Jackson County Population: 159,005
Income Facts

Income Facts

Jackson County Median Household Income: $51,625
Cost of Living

Cost of Living

Cost of living indices are based on a US average of 100. An amount below 100 means Jackson, MI is less expensive than the US average. A cost of living index above 100 means Jackson, MI is more expensive.
Overall, Jackson, MI cost of living is 80. Overall ranking is a total of all the Cost of Living (COL) categories, weighted subjectively as follows: housing (30%), food and groceries (15%), transportation (10%), utilities (6%), health care (7%), and miscellaneous expenses such as clothing, services, and entertainment (32%). State and local taxes are not included in any category.
Housing = 40: Average cost of an area’s housing, which includes mortgage payments, apartment rents, and property tax.
Groceries = 96: Average cost of food in grocery stores in an area.
Transportation = 103: Average cost of gasoline, car insurance, maintenance expenses, and mass transit fare for the area. The cost of vehicles and any vehicle registration and license taxes are not included.
Utilities = 104: Average cost of heating or cooling a typical residence for the area, including electricity and natural gas.
Health = 97: Average cost of health care calculated using the standard daily rate for a hospital room, and the costs of a doctor’s office visit, and a dental checkup.
Miscellaneous = 98: Average cost index of those goods and services not included in other COL categories including, clothing, restaurants, repairs, entertainment, and other services.
Source: Data and other content Original research and analysis by Sperling’s BestPlaces, June 2014
Labor Force

Labor Force

Total Labor Force: 74,530
Total residents in Jackson County, employed: 71,460
Total residents in Jackson County, not working: 3,070
Jackson County:
Unemployment Rate for November 2017: 4.1%
Unemployment Rate for the US in November 2017: 4.1%
Unemployment Rate for Michigan in November 2017: 4.6%
*Source: November 2017 Labor Market Source/Michigan Employment Service Agency Michigan's Labor Market News - December 2017
As of December 31, 2017, there have been no Jackson County businesses that have closed nor have there been any mass lay-offs in 2017, with the exception of state-wide plant closings totaling 84 jobs at Sears, and 130 jobs at Kmart. The number of those jobs in Jackson County are unknown.
Source: WARN Notices for 2017
Employment by Occupation

Total Employees in Jackson County: 72,154

Top Occupations
Office and Administrative Support: 10,741
Production Workers: 7,705
Sales: 7,234
Executive, Managers, and Administrators: 6,961
Health Diagnosing and Treating Practitioners: 4,776
Source: Zoom Prospector - Applied Geographic Solutions, 2017 Demographic Estimates for Jackson County.
Business and Jobs

Business and Jobs

Jackson County has a total of 5,994 businesses. The leading industries in Jackson County:
Health Care and Social Services:1,120 establishments with 15,984 jobs
Retail:806 establishments with 9,484 jobs
Manufacturing:309 establishments with 6,626 jobs
Education:164 establishments with 6,345 jobs
Source: Zoom Prospector - Applied Geographic Solutions, 2017 Demographic Estimates for Jackson County.
Top Employers in Jackson County

Top Employers in Jackson County

Henry Ford Allegiance Health: 4,100
Consumers Energy: 2,400
Michigan Department of Corrections: 2,040
Great Lakes Caring: 1,118
Michigan Automotive Compressor (MACI): 1,100
TAC Manufacturing: 990
Local Government: 870
Jackson Public Schools: 782
Meijer, Inc. ~2 Jackson locations: 755
Eaton Corporation: 700
Jackson College: 650
Wal-Mart SuperCenter/Sam’s Club: 568
Tenneco: 510
Jackson County Intermediate School District: 500
McDonald’s ~8 Jackson locations: 450
Dawn Food Products: 468
Gerdau Special Steel North America: 385
Spring Arbor University: 300
Anesthesia Business Consultants: 284
Lifeways/Community Connections: 275
Alro Steel: 271
Melling Tool: 270
Royal Adhesives and Sealants: 250
Milso Michigan Seat Co./Jackson Canvas: 235
Center For Family Health: 219
Elm Plating: 208
Commonwealth Associates: 200
HCL America, Inc.: 200
Goodwill Industries: 167
Advance Turning & Manufacturing: 160
American Tooling Center: 160
Klavon's Pizzeria & Pub: 155
CP Federal Credit Union: 150
CertainTeed Corporation/Wolverine Vinyl Siding: 147
Allied Chucker & Engineering: 140
Way Bakeries/Perfection Bakeries: 140
Lomar Machine & Tool: 136
Target Corporation: 132
Jackson District Library: 125
Eaton Hydraulics: 120
Jackson YMCA: 120
Classic Turning: 110
Worthington Specialty Processing: 107
Source: EG Business Success Reports, which are updated as most companies are visited annually
If your company has over 100 employees and you are not listed, please contact Debbie Kelly at 517-788-4330


Median household income: $51,625
Total Dwellings: 68,872
Total Owner-Occupied Dwellings: 46,015
Total Renter-Occupied Dwellings: 16,805
Housing Units Occupied: 62,820
Average Sale Price for Residential in 2017: $151,511
Average Sale Price for Residential in 2016: $134,787
Total number of Residential sales in 2017: 1,919
Sources: Jackson Area Association of Realtors, 2017 Statistics, and Zoom Prospector - Applied Geographic Solutions, 2017 Demographic Estimates for Jackson County
Educational Attainment

Educational Attainment

9th grade:2.08%
9th through 12th grade:7.51%
High school diploma or equivilent:34.39%
Some college:25.68%
Associate’s Degrees:9.49%
Bachelor’s Degrees:14.27%
Graduate Degrees:6.57%
The majority of the population of Jackson County has completed at least a high school diploma, and 30.33 percent have a College Degree. Source: Zoom Prospector - Applied Geographic Solutions, 2017 Demographic Estimates for Jackson County