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Jackson was once a major rail hub for the state and has been known as the ‘crossroads of Michigan.’ It now lies on I-94, US 127, M-50 and M-60 interchanges along with numerous rail lines, making Jackson County a great location for both businesses and residents alike.

Major Transportation Infrastructure:

Local Airport
Jackson County - Reynolds Field has demonstrated two consecutive years of increases in the number of landings and takeoffs, bucking the trends for many other Michigan airports with air traffic control towers and placing Jackson ahead of Marquette, Saginaw, Lansing and Kalamazoo-Battle Creek in total airport operations for 2009.
Jackson County Airport - Reynolds Field
Jackson County Airport - Reynolds Field 2011 Annual Report

Other Nearby Airports
Lenawee County Airport - 35 Miles
Capital City Airport - 43 Miles
Willow Run - 45 Miles
Detroit Metropolitan Airport - 60 Miles

Main Highways
I-94, US-127, M-50, M-60 and M-106

Bus Lines
Jackson Transportation Authority

Rail Lines
Norfolk Southern

Truck Lines
35 with 26 terminals

Monroe - 60 miles on Lake Erie
Detroit - 75 miles on the Detroit River

Life in Jackson

Mileage to Other Major Cities:

  • Michigan Cities
  • Ann Arbor: 35
  • Lansing: 38
  • Battle Creek: 43
  • Kalamazoo: 65
  • Detroit: 73
  • Grand Rapids: 98
  • Out-of-State Cities
  • Toledo: 90
  • Fort Wayne: 118
  • South Bend: 137
  • Chicago: 206
  • Columbus: 226
  • Indianapolis: 242
  • Cincinnati: 280