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We help businesses start and relocate to Jackson County

We help existing businesses thrive

We are the go-to source for Jackson County economic data

We bring to light the benefits of living in Jackson County

We work hard to find Jackson residents work

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Here's what people say about us

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- Daniel J. Phelan, Ph.D., President
Jackson College

“The Enterprise Group represents the first, and best line of defense in economic development for Jackson County.  It’s future-focused Board of Directors is comprised of a solid cross-section of the community and is committed to the collaborative advancement of region.”

- Dan Ross, President
TransPharm Preclinical Solutions  

“The Enterprise Group was instrumental in the start-up phase of my project here at TransPharm.  The entire group embraced this project and facilitated numerous meetings with the people I needed to speak with at the local and state level.  I can say with confidence that we may not have been able to get off the ground without their help.  We have been in business since 2008 and the EG is still intimately involved, showing they are here to support not only new businesses, but those second stage companies as well.”      

- Sarah Hartzler, President
South Central Michigan Works!

“We feel so fortunate that The Enterprise Group understands the important role that workforce development plays in economic development. The EG has been a fantastic partner for us, working seamlessly with our staff to collaborate on growing the business in Jackson County.”

- Kevin Oxley, Superintendent
Jackson County Intermediate School District

“The business community and the education community are co-dependent on each other.  We have an obligation to work together to create a strong and vital place to live and work.”

“To get the point of sticking a shovel in the ground it takes input from many valued partners. Certainly one of our key partners in this project is The Enterprise Group and PTAC. The guidance and support that they have provided to me and to our company has been very valuable. We are fortunate to have this organization in Jackson County supporting business efforts at all levels”

- William Dobbins, President
Caster Concepts

- Fred Slete, DDS
BLDFA Board Member

"As a practicing professional and a small business owner in downtown Jackson, I believe strongly in the EG.  The EG, as a whole, provides leadership and direction to help stimulate the business climate of the local community.  We can all use a positive influence in today's real world economic environment, and the EG is all about that."

- Miles E. (Mike) Jones, Co-Chairman
Dawn Food Products, Inc.

“Since 1920, Jackson Michigan has been the national and international headquarters of Dawn Food Products. We are pleased and proud to be a part of the greater Jackson community and proud to be long-term member of The Enterprise Group of Jackson.”

- Tim Rogers, President and CEO
The Enterprise Group of Jackson

“We must recognize that our manufacturing economy survived the Great Recession because it is made up of business people who are entrepreneurs. They know how to bring innovation to the marketplace. They have adapted to a drastically changing way of doing business.”

- Bill Rayl, Executive Director
Jackson Area Manufacturers Association

“I look forward to sharing JAMA’s insights and experiences with President Obama and members of his administration,” Rayl said. “Focusing on business-led, business-driven partnerships is critical to tackling our nation’s workforce training and development needs.”

- Olivia Firmingham, Training Coordinator
Academy for Manufacturing Careers

“Todd was eager to start the CNC Certificate program and called at least once a week to see when we were going to schedule the classes. Once in the program, Todd earned 4.0 grades in most of the classes. Todd was excited about the new material he was learning and paid close attention to detail, quality and safety of the program.”

- Tim Rogers, President and CEO
The Enterprise Group of Jackson

“Our labor force is really more than one county. We are working as a group of counties to address businesses’ needs.”

- Stacy Baker
Consumers Energy

"Jackson has many great attributes. It offers a multitude of fun activities with its large selection of golf courses, lakes and parks. I have lived in Jackson my entire life. I grew up with my grandparents owning their own business in the downtown area for several years to now working in downtown Jackson myself and raising my family in the Jackson area."

- Tony Mira, President and CEO
Anesthesia Business Consultants

“When faced with a decision on where to house the headquarters for our new global healthcare services company serving large healthcare systems in the US and soon in the UK - we again chose Downtown Jackson with a second location!”

- Tim Rogers, President and CEO
The Enterprise Group of Jackson

“Why wouldn’t you want to be associated with Ann Arbor? Everyone knows where Ann Arbor is.”

- Vish Murali
HCL Axon

“Jackson is a lovely and peaceful ‘community’ to live, work and raise family. The schools and colleges are excellent providing individualized attention to the students helping them to create a strong foundation for their future. It’s resourceful and filled with challenging and exciting opportunities in the field of Information Technology.”

- Bill Rayl, Executive Director
Jackson Area Manufacturers Association/Academy for Manufacturing Careers

“You can’t be what you can’t see, and these programs are all meant to help kids see a bigger possible future for themselves and give them tools and skills that can help them realize that future.”

- Dean R. Thompson, AVP/Commercial Loan Officer
OSB Community Bank

“Your website is a great resource for OSB Community Bank. It offers a wealth of knowledge in regards to changes and trends in labor force, unemployment, retained jobs and jobs created, as well as what your group is doing to continue to improve Jackson County. Utilizing this information allows me to be able to show how our local communities are improving. As a community banker having an understanding of what is going on with the communities we serve is essential, as we truly care about the health of the counties that we serve."

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Meet The Team : : : :

The Enterprise Group of Jackson, Inc. (EG) was established in 1997 to lead business recruitment and retention in Jackson County. The EG is a private/public partnership organized to promote and coordinate economic development initiatives and create wealth within Jackson County.

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Imagine Jackson Progress

  • 310 new jobs committed
  • 1,605 jobs retained/saved
  • 434 indirect jobs created as a result
  • $206,300,900 Total new investment to Jackson County
  • Year to date through December 31, 2014

December 2014 - Year End Scorecard

February 2015 Scorecard

Note From the CEO : : : :

Marketing and communication efforts have always been at the forefront for The EG Board and Staff, making outreach efforts to the community a priority. None of our accomplishments could have been realized without the hard work and support from our partners, and more importantly our investors. We are proud to showcase a newly organized, user-friendly EG web site for your economic development needs.

- Tim Rogers